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I've been so busy making things. I knitted this 9 foot long lace scarf and matching beret for Ruthie for Hannukah and her birthday. I may also knit up some fingerless gloves. She's just back in the New York from a year in Maylasia, so I think it'll serve her well. I'm also excited for her visit in a couple weeks so we can dye her present. I'm also about an inch away from being done with my first pair of toe-up socks for someone else. Then I got another hat to make, socks and a hat for Milt, socks for mom, a sock monkey for my sister, socks for my mom.

And I'm making bread and cheese this week! I'm so excited. I even have a recipe for hard cheese! All these projectsprojectsprojects have me inspired for next year. I'd really like to:

x. start a window farm
x. start roller skating
x. start swimming again
x. knit the dog a sweater
x. knit myself some new socks
x. start making more food from scratch and stop being lazy
x. figure out how to knit 2 socks at once (the instructions sound easy, make no damn sense on the needles)
x. make a flannel duvet cover for the cheap polyester motel bedspread I thrifted forever ago
x. try to at least 75% of my clothing thrifted or handmade
x. finally take that sewing machine drivers ed class and get to making myself skirts.
x. make fresh pasta!

Things are so so busy. My granma came over for Thanksgiving, her first trip outside the third floor of the nursing home since she arrived as far as I know. She did really well though and was very lucid. I made 3 pies and helped with the turkey, made the gravy and stuffing.

And in just a couple weeks I'm going to St. Louis! My lady friends and I are meeting up for our first big meet up in a couple years! We're going to the City Museum and then potentially some bar-hopping on The Loop with roller skating planned for the next day. I already got my sleeping bag ready for the sleepover on Tess's dad's floor.

I also made my birthmas list. I don't think I'll really get anything on it, but I like making lists none the less. I'm asking for:

x. The Fall on Blue-Ray or DVD
x. A subscription to "Bust," "Bitch," or "Mental_Floss."
x. An apron
x. Footie pajamas
x. An iPod dock
x. An illuminated constellation globe (how fucking FLB of me, but ever since reading about them I want one)
x. Scarlett Takes Manhattan by Molly Crabapple
x. The Waters & The Wild by FLB
x. Vosges chocolate
x. Black Converse Jack Purcells (though I bought some awesome all black leather Converse All-Stars at the Converse Outlet's Black Friday sale and might just have my mom "give" them to me for birthmas)
x. These Simple boots

Also, I had an interview at the KCK public library last week for a part-time job. I'm sincerely hoping they'll call me back. It'd be a stretch to work the hours, but I really want the experience. I even told them during my interview when they asked me why I should have the job, "I don't need any old part-time job, I wanted this part-time job and waited until I found it listed." Ahh, jeez, I hope they call me tomorrow.
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