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Yesterday we were looking for a house for my mom that's just 5 minutes from my house, hidden in an isolate area just a few blocks north of where we live. Everything was normal and then we saw this

It's Sauer Castle! A German Gothic mansion built in 1872 for a German man, his second wife, and their twelve children. It's up on a hilly part of the neighborhood, so it's easy to imagine that it from the property you could see the river and the Santa Fe Trail. It's not occupied, but owned by a jackass in New York who's apparently been really slow to renovate it, which he said he intended to do when the city tried to buy the property so they could renovate it. It's now surrounded by a giant green fence that's eight feet or so high. There's a big sign on the lawn proclaiming the name and that it's a historical landmark.

If it's nice enough, I'm going to try and hike up to the castle, and if all else fails, my mom is going to look at a house near it. I love how the neighborhood has just popped up around it, lots of little bungalows and small ranch houses, a few old shirtwaists, just cropped up all around the house.

I also found a tiny, little, micro-winery four blocks from my house, but I can't find any information on it.
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