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I've been moderately busy, with a healthy dose of sick/lazy. I did succeed in getting a new tattoo and finishing my Halloween costume.

While reading the latest issue of "Bust" Milt tattooed a cardinal on an apple blossom branch on my left arm. I originally wanted it on my shoulder, but it would have gone onto my neck and I'm not ready for that yet. So instead I got the bird, my granma's favorite, on the state flower of Arkansas, her home state. I'm hoping to get the color done tomorrow. It's fully healed and quite pretty. Maybe I'll add some chickadees on the inside of my arm? They're my favorite birds.

I've also been knitting up a storm. I knitted myself a hooded caplet and opera-length sleeves for my Little Red Riding Hood costume. It was pretty easy and cheap and everyone thought it was adorable. I opted for cute this year. Nothing slutty outside my lipstick. I left that to a friend's girlfriend who showed up in a lace bra and lace panties her butt hung out of and called herself "Poison Ivy." I'm also nearly done with my first sweater, a crazy asymmetrical cardigan that I need to finished sewing together. I confirmed what I already blieved: piecing shit together sucks, DPNs and circulars exist for a reason, and they're not that hard to use. Hopefully my next sweater will go better. But before I can do another sweater, I've got a devil hat to make Milt, an awesome Aran capelet, a pair of my-size wool tights (FUCK YOU SMARTWOOL!), and devise a pattern for an antler hat that I have in my head.

I applied for three jobs I really wanted in September, all in local public libraries. I found out yesterday that the last two I was holding out hope for are full. By a letter from the library notifying of the names of the people they hired. I was really angry, it felt like a slap in the face to find the names of the people who got the job I desperately wanted. I also felt like shit. I couldn't even get a simply library job. I've applied at so many places and I'm getting nothing at all. It just makes me feel like I wasted my time in college. My little sister makes more than me, and she never finished school. Not to mention she can show up at an interview in torn up jeans and start the job three days later. I don't know what's wrong me with in terms of jobs. I've never had much luck finding them. I hate how you can want something so bad, know that you'd be great at it, but never get it because you just don't have the luck of getting in at the right time.

I also found out last night that my uncle died a week ago. He was living in a homeless shelter and was found dead by the staff. They still aren't sure of the cause of death. I don't have a lot of feeling over it yet. My uncle manipulated my mother throughout his life, knowing that she could never turn him away. I lost all respect for him after he moved in following my parents divorce, then proceeded to treat my mother the same way my dad had prior to their divorce, not to mention him breaking into our house three times in the span of a week after she kicked him out. I'm more concerned with her wellbeing as I know how she gets. Her father, mother, sister, and youngest brother are dead. All she has left is her twin brother. 

I do feel guilty though. The last time I saw him, I pretty much ignored him. But it's hard to do anything else when he was always so wasted.

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I may not be able to touch them, but some guy in my neighborhood feeds the stray cats (which I would do, too) so they hang around. They loll on top of cars and ledges and under my deck and my neighbor's shed. I named them all within 2 days of moving in. Frankie, Julius, Tomato, Williard, and Arthur are the teen cats that populate my neighborhood and piss off Ruby (although they don't tease her like the cats at the apartment).

Also, I'm watching "Joan of Arcadia." I'm not sure why really. I caught a couple episodes on SciFi the day before my surgery and was hankering for it ever since. I think it's because I love Joan's angsty teenage wardrobe.

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This is what happens when Ruby sees a field of cows and decides to jump out a car going 40MPH so she can attack. She was staying with my family during moving and my uncle took her with him one day. Her new nickname, besides Roadrash Ruby (which is an excellent roller derby name), is Lucky because there was a semi behind him that could've killed her, not to mention the broken bones she could've recieved. She ended up with road rash on her haunches and all the skin gone from the tops of her hind feet. She's on puppy heroin, but doing well considering. And the Cone of Shame is to stay on until the vet says so because she won't stop licking her road rash and chewing her feet. She looks so sad and funny, her cone wobbling when she walks and bumping into the ground when she tries to sniff.

That said, we're done moving. Finally. I averaged 2 hours of sleep a day over a 3 day period just trying to get everything taken care of at the apartment. My house is fantastic. We're slowly unpacking. I have nice big windows in the living room and bedroom. I have room in my kitchen for a table and chairs! I'm now on the hunt for cheap patio furniture so that I can take advantage of the beautiful fall weather and enjoy breakfast on the porch.

The first time my sister came over to the house she saw my patio and said, "You could cover this and have naked time. You could cover the entire fence with fabric and have a naked party."

And how have you been?

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